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Smile Invest - DNA


Every investment is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. For each investment, we look at how we can optimally support the management team in order to harness the best opportunities together and achieve the highest sustainable value creation for the business. We create winning teams. 

Strategic support

  • We are an actively engaged sounding board for the management team
  • We build on our experience in digitalisation, healthcare and sustainability
  • We extend our companies with a vast network of entrepreneurs and experts


  • We help management lay out a go-to-market strategy for new products and services
  • We support international growth
  • We help realize and financially structure acquisitions

Operational excellence

  • We exchange 'best practices' on efficient processes
  • We future-proof organizations and extend ideate on structuring and strengthening
  • We accelerate digitalisation and automation
Smile Invest - DNA


Relevant expertise. We have vast expertise thanks to our focus on innovation and growth, the experience and international networks of our investment team at our fingertips, and 40 entrepreneurial families who have invested in us.

Flexibility for bespoke transactions. As an open-end evergreen investment fund, we offer flexibility through our scale (€350 million), our choice of minority or majority deals, and our long-term commitment.

Entrepreneurial approach. We are happy to use our approach, which is embedded in our organisational structure, in our cooperation with partner businesses.

Smile Invest - DNA

Our key

For us, people come first. We have empathy and understand both the business and personal agenda of entrepreneurs.

Mutual respect & integrity. We never compromise our ethical standards, and build our relationships on the basis of trust.

Best-in-class professionalism. We motivate businesses professionally. We are enthusiastic about viable and ambitious business plans, backed up by facts and figures.

Flexibility & support. We are always broad-minded and pragmatic.

Smile Invest - DNA

values and

Impact on society. Our innovative partners go much further than simply filling a gap in the market. They have an impact on wider challenges and trends for society in industries such as healthcare, industrial production, sustainability and digitalisation.

Impact on the economy. Our entrepreneurship and efforts must be clear and responsible. We create more economic value, job opportunities and returns for the local community, with a focus on the environment.

Returns. With our successful investments and entrepreneurship, we offer attractive returns for the shareholders and management of our partners, and for our own entrepreneurial shareholders.

Smile Invest - DNA


Smile Invest - DNA

"Together with Smile Invest we have reviewed different options for our entry into the French market. Today we have our own office, we have set up a sales team and recently we've done our first acquisition in France."

Stefan Schreurs - Sales Director & Co-founder SmartSD