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Tenten Solar

Tenten Solar

Driving the energy transition

Tenten Solar

Tenten Solar, established in 1999, is the Dutch specialist, wholesaler, supplier and installer in the field of solar energy. The company advises its clients on their environmentally responsible investment choices, supplies the solar energy components and installs the solar panels. Tenten Solar thus positions itself as a partner in green energy solutions and always assists its clients from start to finish. Tenten Solar's client portfolio includes both companies and private individuals, active in various markets, branches and sectors, who can count on the team's expertise in realizing their (large-scale) environment-related ambitions.

Tenten Solar (66 FTE) is based in Lichtenvoorde.

Why did we invest?

Tenten Solar fits perfectly into Smile Invest's environment theme. Tenten Solar's highly diversified customer base and wide variety of project sizes in different end markets, and this combined with an impeccable service offering are just some of the many reasons why we were eager to pursue this opportunity. Additionally, we are impressed with the driven and passionate team behind this organization and see an exciting future in further scaling up Tenten Solar in the future. Smile Invest will take a majority stake in the company, alongside Berry Seesing, CEO of Tenten Solar, and the rest of the management team.

May, 2023
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"The arrival of Smile Invest as a new investor marks the start of the next phase of our company. Smile Invest brings a lot of experience in the field of innovative environmental solutions and technology to the table. Along with the team, we have expanded Tenten Solar from a local party to a solid national player. In this new chapter where quality, further expansion and broadening are paramount, we believe that Smile Invest, with its network and entrepreneurial approach will be of great value to us.”

Berry Seesing, CEO at Tenten Solar