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Oldelft Ultrasound

Oldelft Ultrasound

Your reliable partner in innovative transducer technology

Oldelft Ultrasound

Oldelft Ultrasound develops and produces cardio ultrasound probes for imaging of the heart for diagnostics and monitoring. These probes are used worldwide by major ultrasound system OEMs.

Why did we invest?

Only independent player active in a globally growing market with a market-leading position in miniaturised probes for monitoring and diagnostics in the paediatric and neonatal segment. Unique production know-how in the area of complex TEE ultrasound probes and 4D chip technology developed in-house, allowing market-leading 4D probes and sensors to be added to its product offering. Smile Invest maintains a majority stake alongside the management team.

March, 2019

Smile Invest team

Ivo Vincente
Bart Cauberghe

Oldelft Ultrasound
Oldelft Ultrasound

“With Smile Invest, we’ve found an active partner supporting our technology and product expansion outside our traditional 2D TEE probe market. Together, we’re looking to deliver the next phase of our ambitious growth plans, based on our strong investments in next-generation miniaturised 2D and 4D products, which further improve the capabilities of healthcare professionals across the world.”

Rob Smallenburg, CEO van Oldelft