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Growing smiles since 1986


Lab based breeding of new tropical plant species, in-vitro lab production and establishment of young plants for tropical plant growers.

Why did we invest?

Microflor is a globally leading market player with a proprietary DNA database of tropical plant species developed in-house, and an efficient production process based on the company’s in-vitro breeding protocols.

Highly professional market-leading player in a market that demands increasing professionalism after a decade of high growth. Smile Invest holds a minority position alongside the founding family and managers and is the first external investor in the company, which has grown out of a larger family-owned business.

September, 2019
December, 2023

Smile Invest team

Thomas Dewever
Bart Cauberghe


“We have found a partner with entrepreneurial spirit, a focus on long-term value creation and a good fit with our family values. With Smile Invest we now also have the experience on board to actively pursue acquisition opportunities and leverage our expertise in in-vitro breeding technologies. Together we have analysed and decided on the path to future growth. We appreciate the dynamic, highly professional and pleasant working relationship.”

Febe Floré, CEO van Microflor