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MedEnvision 2

Improving efficiency, optimal use of nursing staff and infection control in the operating room


MedEnvision is a Belgian medtech company that develops products to improve the efficiency of orthopaedic procedures in the operating theatre. Initially founded by a Belgian orthopaedic hip surgeon and a product developer, the company today exports its patented products to 26 countries worldwide with the Benelux and the US as its main markets.

The products of MedEnvision, the Gripper set and the Esysuit family allow to improve efficiency in the operating room, allocating the nursing staff to more value-added tasks and providing added value for the patient towards optimal wound care. The Gripper allows wound hooks to be easily fixed in a flexible way during surgery, while the EsySuit ensures an efficient and quick coverage of the patient. Initially marketed for usage during hip replacement surgeries, today the range is being expanded for knee and shoulder procedures, as MedEnvision products can be perfectly used in these settings as well.  

Why did we invest?

Several macro trends, including an ageing population that wants to remain mobile and active for as long as possible, make the orthopaedic market a market that continues to grow. The MedEnvision products respond perfectly to the demand for increasing efficiency of medical procedures to keep our healthcare affordable and to respond to the challenge of nursing staff shortages. Smile Invest is proud to add MedEnvision to its portfolio of partner companies. As a partner to the management and the original founders, we are looking forward to further support the company's growth trajectory that focuses on further professionalising the healthcare practice, improving the quality of care while simultaneously contributing to a broader societal interest.  

February, 2024
MedEnvision 3