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Magnum Heating

Magnum Heating

It’s all about underfloor heating

Magnum Heating

Magnum Heating develops and produces a full range of innovative electrical and water-based underfloor heating products for the new build and renovation market.

Why did we invest?

The rapidly growing market for floor-based heating systems is driven by the transition to new and sustainable lower-temperature heating sources. Magnum, as a fast-growing market leader, has proven to be an innovative player with the introduction of ultra-thin underfloor heating systems for the renovation market, robotic manifolds, and modern heating control panels and mobile apps. Smile Invest has a majority stake alongside the management team and founder.

September, 2019
Magnum Heating
Magnum Heating

“In Smile Invest, we’ve found a partner that fully understands our market dynamics and is willing to support and further invest in our business plan. This forms a solid basis for further (international) growth and development of the company. With their support, we acquired Thermoduct, which allowed us to also enter the Belgian market.”

Alex van Haaren, CEO of Magnum Heating