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IGS GeboJagema

IGS GeboJagema

Our work touches billions of people's lives every day

IGS GeboJagema

IGS GeboJagema specialises in the development, manufacturing and validation of high-end multi-cavity injection moulds used worldwide for the production of medical devices (including contact lenses, inhalers and insulin pens) by healthcare and pharmaceutical manufacturers. IGS (120 FTE) is based in Eindhoven, where its engineering team and state-of-the-art production facilities are located.

Why did we invest?

IGS is a uniquely positioned niche market leader. We are impressed by the scalability and high level of automation of the state-of-art factory footprint coupled with the model-based product development process. The company’s innovative character, focus on the medical sector and ambitions for further growth fit perfectly within the Smile Invest portfolio. Smile Invest maintains a majority stake alongside Rabo Corporate Investments and the management team.

May, 2021
IGS GeboJagema
IGS GeboJagema

“This transition comes at the right time, as we’re currently working on our entry into the United States. The medical sector has a zero-tolerance approach to risk. We offer high-quality, high-precision moulds and, together with our validation services, provide a one-stop solution. The partnership with Smile Invest offers us new possibilities, driven by their technological knowledge, international experience and network.”

Peter Mertens, CEO IGS GeboJagema