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Partner in care solutions


Hospidex specialises in the distribution and commercialisation of medical products & equipment in Western Europe. It offers complete solutions, both for end users at home and for healthcare professionals in hospitals, retirement and care homes, specialist medical stores and pharmacies. It focuses on specific domains such as health and wellness at home, measurement of vital signs, prevention and care of pressure sores, and safe disposal of medical waste.

Why did we invest?

Hospidex, in close co-operation with leading manufacturers, introduces innovative healthcare solutions that solve everyday problems for patients and healthcare staff, and improve the quality of care. Smile Invest fully supports this philosophy and believes the company is building a strong platform for further growth, by expanding its product offering and considering selected add-on investments. Smile Invest maintains a majority stake alongside the CEO and CFO who hold significant minority stakes.

March, 2021

“From the start, we felt Smile Invest would be the right partner for us. Their collaborative way of working, in-depth investigation of our market, large network and experience will provide significant added value for Hospidex. Together, we have already analysed and decided on different growth angles and completed our first strategic add-on in the Netherlands within the first 9 months.”

Hendrik Seghers, CEO of Hospidex