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FMTC Safety

FMTC Safety

A unique experience

FMTC Safety

FMTC Safety, founded in 2014, provides certified safety trainings for professionals in the (off-/onshore) wind, oil & gas and maritime markets. The company has a market leading position in the Netherlands and has had an increasingly important role in the global market since the opening of its first foreign location in 2019. In addition to now 6 locations where trainings can be followed, FMTC has a strong digital platform and e-learning environment. FMTC Safety is located near Schiphol Amsterdam, with offices in the Netherlands, France, Saudi Arabia and the US.

Why did we invest?

We are very impressed by the professionalism and quality of the organization, combined with the internationally relevant position that it has been able to acquire in this relatively short period of time. We, therefore, strongly believe in the international growth ambition where FMTC Safety can gain additional market share, through both organic and acquisitive growth. Its entrepreneurial nature, as well as its strong international ambitions, exposure to the sustainable wind sector and increasing focus on the digital environment, fit perfectly within our investment focus.

January, 2022
FMTC Safety
FMTC Safety

“The arrival of Smile Invest as a new investor marks the start of FMTC Safety's next phase. Smile Invest brings a lot of experience in the field of internationalization to the table. Together with the team, founder Rob Bruinsma and FIELDS Group, we have expanded FMTC Safety from a local company to a globally renowned player. In this new chapter in which quality and further expansion are a priority, we believe that Smile Invest, with its international network and entrepreneurial approach, will be of great value to us.”

Michel Hogervorst, CEO