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Effect Photonics

Effect Photonics

Shaping the future of photonics

Effect Photonics

EFFECT Photonics is an international scale-up company that has its roots in the Eindhoven University of Technology and is a world-leading developer of optical tunable DWDM and coherent transceivers. These high-tech devices ensure the transmission of data over fiber optic networks. Its innovative technology brings core network performance to the network periphery, by integrating all optical functions onto a single Photonic Integrated Circuit, in combination with low-cost, non-hermetic packaging.

Why did we invest?

EFFECT Photonics has a unique technology with the potential to disrupt the optical telecommunication network market. Its integrated photonics are highly scalable and allow for superior products in performance, energy consumption and cost price in a market in which there is continuous demand for more internet bandwidth. Upgrading the optical transceivers is a cost-effective solution to increase the capacity of the optical network without having to lay additional cables in the ground. Smile Invest has co-led the EUR 36 million Series C round alongside Innovation Industries.

March, 2021
Effect Photonics
Effect Photonics

“After years of technology and product development, we are now making the transition to a real production company. Our first products have now passed thousands of hours of reliability tests and are being installed all over the world. Our task now is to meet the enormous customer demand and further increase production capacity and efficiency. The knowledge and networks of the Smile Invest team and our existing investors will certainly come in handy here.”

James Reagan and Boudewijn Docter - CEO and President of EFFECT Photonics