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Cargo Floor

Cargo Floor

Market leader in innovative horizontal (un)loading solutions

Cargo Floor

Cargo Floor, established in 1993, primarily develops and produces the innovative horizontal (un)loading solutions for open-top trailers "Moving Floors", a market in which the company has an undisputed leading position globally. The technology allows bulk goods to be transported efficiently in high volumes, in end markets such as agribulk, waste & recycling and energy & industrial. The Moving Floor is considered a more sustainable alternative to other bulk (un)loading solutions, as, in addition to efficient high-volume bulk transport, it is also well suited for the transport of packaged goods and offers maximum flexibility ("no-empty-mileage"). From the headquarters in Coevorden, Netherlands, the Moving Floors are produced and shipped to trailer builders worldwide.

Why did we invest?

Cargo Floor is a textbook example of a leading company with a unique, market-leading position within its niche. We are impressed by the professionalism and quality of the organisation combined with the scalable best-in-class production processes. We strongly believe in the international growth ambition in which Cargo Floor can further develop the market and gain market share thanks to their superior product. The innovative nature of the company and product, characterized by the ability for transportation companies to efficiently transport high-volume bulk and to achieve "no-empty-mileage", in order to save costs and operate more sustainably, fits perfectly within our 'environment' investment theme. 

In addition to Smile Invest, one of the investors in its fund, the Essers family, the family behind the Flemish logistics service provider Essers, will join as a minority shareholder through their family office EFO. Under the Smile Invest motto "entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs", EFO will contribute significant knowledge and a broad (international) logistics network, which, combined with the experience of Smile Invest, will facilitate the next phase of international growth.

August, 2022
Cargo Floor
Cargo Floor

"The arrival of Smile Invest and Essers Family Office as new investors marks the start of the next phase of Cargo Floor. Smile Invest contributes significant experience in internationalisation, while Essers Family Office has a global network in the logistics sector. In recent years Cargo Floor has become the absolute market leader in Europe. In this new chapter where quality and further expansion are a top priority, we think Smile Invest, with its entrepreneurial network and mentality, will be of great value to us."

Frans de Raad, CEO Cargo Floor