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Bouwgroep Dijkstra-Draisma

Bouwgroep Dijkstra-Draisma

Building a sustainable future together

Bouwgroep Dijkstra-Draisma

Bouwgroep Dijkstra Draisma is a Dutch family company that provides turnkey construction solutions and services including a wide range of services in healthcare, education, recreation, offices and housing. The company has a strong focus on innovation and environmental solutions, with a recent example being the development of prefabricated houses that are gasless and circular, and even generate energy. Bouwgroep Dijkstra Draisma, headquartered in Dokkum (Friesland), employs over 350 people and is considered one of the most innovative construction companies in the Netherlands. In 2020 and 2021, the company was named 'Best performing construction company of the year' and received the Cobouw50 Award twice.

Why did we invest?

Thanks to its targeted focus on innovation and environmental solutions, the company is making a strong contribution to the energy transition and making the built environment more sustainable. Bouwgroep Dijkstra Draisma has grown strongly in recent years and continues to develop at a rapid pace in response to the market's great demand for innovative environmental solutions and energy independence. Smile Invest maintains a minority position alongside Parcom and the management team.

May, 2022
Bouwgroep Dijkstra-Draisma