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4ITEGO Group

4ITEGO Group

Your partner for digital transformation software solutions

4ITEGO Group

4ITEGO is a leading provider of software solutions and services, focused on product development and digital process integration. The solutions developed by 4ITEGO are mainly built around the software packages PTC and Ansys. PTC is a software platform for computer-aided design (CAD) and product life cycle management (PLM) and is also active in fast-growing areas such as industrial internet of things (IIoT) and augmented reality (AR). Ansys is the leader in industrial simulation software and has a wide range of solutions for digital simulations in product development (computer-aided engineering (CAE).

Why did we invest?

Over the past few years, 4ITEGO has followed a strong growth trajectory, strengthening its market position in Benelux. Increasing pressure on product development time and go-to-market, increasing complexities of products combining different engineering disciplines and pressure to optimise production processes require complete digitalisation of the engineering and manufacturing processes. 4ITEGO supports companies in their ambitions to adapt model-based design and manufacturing concepts. Smile Invest maintains a majority stake alongside the CEO/founder and management.

December, 2020
4ITEGO Group
4ITEGO Group

“From the start, it was clear that the Smile Invest team understood our service offering and our market. Their experience with technology-driven companies and engineering backgrounds makes them a strong sparring partner in developing 4ITEGO. Together with the Smile Invest team, we’re looking to expand the business organically as well as actively consolidating the market by means of selected add-on acquisitions.”

Xavier Werbrouck, CEO van 4ITEGO