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Smile Invest acquires a majority stake in 4ITEGO Group

Smile Invest acquires a majority stake in 4ITEGO Group
12 januari 2021

Smile Invest takes a majority stake in the leading provider of digital transformation software solutions 4ITEGO. Smile Invest invests alongside Xavier Werbrouck (founder and CEO) and the management team and replaces Robur Capital as growth accelerator.

4ITEGO was founded in 2017 as a result of the merger of CadCorner and GPO Solutions. In 2019, Infinite Simulation Systems and 4ITEGO Global Services joined the group. Through its subsidiaries, 4ITEGO is a reference provider of software solutions and services, focused on product development and digital process integration. The company acts as a partner for its customers and also provides consultancy and implementation services and trainings in addition to software solutions. 4ITEGO is active in the Benelux and has about fifty employees in their offices in Kortrijk (BE) and Breda (NL).

The solutions of 4ITEGO are mainly based on the software packages of PTC and Ansys. PTC is a leading software platform for computer-aided design (CAD) and product life cycle management (PLM). In addition, PTC is also a trendsetter in fast growing areas such as industrial internet of-things (IIoT) and augmented reality (AR). Ansys is the undisputed leader in industrial simulation software and has a wide range of solutions for digital simulations in product development (computer-aided engineering (CAE)). 4ITEGO is a recognized PTC Platinum Partner and Ansys Elite Partner.

Xavier Werbrouck, founder and CEO of 4ITEGO, is looking forward to the partnership with Smile Invest and the further growth prospects of the company. “Over the past few years, 4ITEGO has realised a strong growth trajectory, strengthening our market position in the Benelux. Together with Smile Invest, we will continue to expand the range of services and solutions offered to our customers and partners. We are convinced that Smile Invest is the ideal partner to support our growth given their focus on innovative companies and their knowledge and experience in digitalization of development and production processes.”

Wim Deblauwe, Managing Director at Robur Capital: “In 2017 we entered into a partnership with Xavier Werbrouck and his team to turn 4ITEGO into a leading player in the Benelux market. Thanks to the strong organic growth and acquisitions of GPO Solutions and Infinite Simulation Systems, 4ITEGO added complementary companies to the group. We would like to thank the 4ITEGO team for the pleasant cooperation over the past years and wish them every success in continuing the growth story.”

Thomas Dewever and Bart Cauberghe, Managing Partners at Smile Invest: “We are looking forward to welcoming 4ITEGO at Smile Invest. 4ITEGO has realized an impressive growth trajectory. Thanks to the recent acquisitions of GPO Solutions and Infinite Simulation Systems the group has profound know-how and expertise in industrial automation and digital transformation. Together with Xavier Werbrouck, we are happy to continue this successful growth story and will continue to consider further acquisitions.”


About Smile Invest

Smile Invest (Smart Money for Innovation Leaders) is a European evergreen investment firm with €350 million of assets under management, financed by 40 entrepreneurial families and with a long-term focus on innovative growth companies. Smile Invest focuses on companies active in Digitalisation, Healthcare & Wellbeing and Environment. From its offices in Leuven and The Hague, the team supports ambitious entrepreneurs and management teams in realising their growth plans.

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Thomas Dewever, Managing Partner – thomas.dewever@smile-invest.com – +32 476 42 35 82


About Robur Capital

Robur Capital is an open-ended investment fund established in 2016 providing growth capital and operational support to mature and profitable small and medium-sized enterprises.

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Wim Deblauwe, Managing Director – wim.deblauwe@roburcapital.be – +32 494 500 419