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CFL Holding

CFL Holding

A more comfortable, healthy and energy-efficient indoor climate for everyone

CFL Holding

Climate for Life is a system & solutions provider, (in-house) developer and producer of modern heating solutions based on state-of-the-art, highly efficient heat pumps and ventilation units.

Why did we invest?

Fast-growing market leader in the expanding market for climate solutions and concepts driven by the switch from older fossil-based heating to new sustainable heat pump technology in highly insulated buildings. Smile Invest maintains a minority position alongside Parcom and the management team.

January, 2020
July, 2023
CFL Holding
CFL Holding

“We have known the Smile Invest team for many years and are happy to have Smile Invest on board alongside Parcom as our shareholders. Driven by in-depth know-how, they support our ambitions to further consolidate our growth and leading market position. Together, we continue investing so that we can bring innovative and distinctive products, systems and concepts onto the market.”

Bas Korte, CEO van CFL Holding