We partner with owners and managers to achieve sustainable growth.
We leverage the experience of our investors, who are successful entrepreneurs and business leaders.
We are an evergreen investment firm and take a long-term approach.
Sectors & Coverage

Deal Types


Our values




We invest in companies within three sectors, building on demonstrated success from the team across Software & Tech Industries, Healthcare and Consumer Products & Services

Core geographical coverage

Core Geographical Coverage: We invest in companies based in Western Europe with a focus on the Benelux region and with international growth ambitions



Whether as minority or majority investor, we partner with profitable, growing companies with a proven track record
Growth buyouts

We provide capital for management buyouts to invest in hidden champions with strong growth potential alongside successful management teams

Growth equity

We invest primary and secondary capital to accelerate growth often with no or limited debt and take minority or majority stakes


€350m of capital raised to invest in a dozen high growth companies
Investment size

We typically invest €10m to €50m in companies with revenues of €10m to €150m

Investment horizon

We are an evergreen investment firm with a view to building sustainable value over the long term. Our holding period will usually be 5 years or longer


Highly ambitious

We aim high and strive to build best-in-class companies that lead in their markets

Active partnership

Our deals are built on partnerships and we strive to make decisions through consensus and open discussions

Pragmatic & Open Minded

We believe that superior growth can only be achieved by embracing change and challenging the status quo


Trust, discretion and social responsibility are key elements of our DNA