Entry year: 2019

Sector: Technology

Headquarters: Tholen, the Netherlands

Geography: Europe

Website: www.magnumheating.nl

Add-ons: Magnum acquired Belgium market leader Thermoduct in September 2020 (see details below)

Over the last 3 decades Magnum Heating has grown into a successful fast-growing market leading and branded European designer, manufacturer and supplier of innovative electric and water-based underfloor-, wall- and ceiling heating systems and adjacent products. Underfloor heating systems in combination with electrical heat pumps perfectly respond to the fundamental energy transition moving away from fossil heating sources to sustainable climate solutions. Magnum has a continuous focus on innovation, supported by its customers, ranging from ultra-thin underfloor systems to modular manifolds and remote smart thermostats.

Entry year: 2020

Sector: Technology

Headquarters: Mortsel, Belgium

Geography: Belgium

Website: www.thermoduct.be

Thermoduct is one of the pioneers in the field of underfloor heating. Thermoduct has been active in the market of underfloor heating systems, wall- and ceiling heating for more than 50 years. Thermoduct caters to private individuals, companies and industrial applications. Thermoduct supplies and integrates a large range of underfloor heating systems. With services ranging from engineering to installation with its own specialist personnel, Thermoduct positions itself as a party offering a total solution. Thermoduct thus provides much more value-add than a wholesaler in underfloor heating.